The 2018 New Talent Award is open to Chinese photographers under the age of 35 all over the world.

GAO Shan won the grand prize of 2016 New Talent Award

Releases The Time: 2018-03-22

On January 8, 2017, the 2016 New Talent Award was announced at the Shanghai·M50·Chronus Art Center (CAC). GAO Shan (from Anyang, Henan Province) won the grand prize with his work The Eighth Day, and was awarded with creation funds and photographic equipment (total value: RMB100,000). The finalists of New Talent Award 2016, CHEN Haishu, CHENG Xinhao, GUO Guozhu, GU Liyu and YANG Yuanyuan, won creation funds of RMB10,000. The EOS Young Photographer, SUN Junbin, won a fund of RMB10,000 and an EOS 5Ds.

GAO Shan won the grand prize of New Talent Award 2016

SUN Junbin won the EOS Young Photographer Award

Marcel Feil, academic deputy curator of FOAM Photography Museum and an international jury member of New Talent Award, said in his speech to the winners, ”All four of our final selection jury agreed that GAO Shan’s works are exactly what we want. It's really close to our heart."


Winners' Gallery

CHEN Haishu

Zona Rossa

Zona Rossa,Photograpy, CHEN Haishu

CHENG Xinhao

Time of Plants

"Time of Plants: Pear Trees of 40 Years Old to 300 Years Old",
CHENG Xinhao

GAO Shan

The Eighth Day

The Eighth Day, GAO Shan

GU Liyu

Clamour & Humble

Clamour & Humble, GU Liyu

GUO Guozhu

Lingering Garden

Lingering Garden, \122°82′E 30°72′N\, GUO Guozhu

Lingering Garden, \122°82′E 30°72′N\, GUO Guozhu

SUN Junbin

Harmony Southern Xinjiang

Harmony Southern Xinjiang, SUN Junbin

YANG Yuanyuan

Blue Window, Two Roses

Blue Window, Two Roses, "Living fashion castle to become city master#2", YANG Yuanyuan