2016 New Talent Award Final Selection

2016 New Talent Award Final Selection

Rules of New Talent Award 2018

The 2018 New Talent Award is open to photographers under the age of 35 all over the world. All entries submitted during March 21-August 10, 2018 are welcomed. Based on the principle of fairness and justice, the competition is ready to embrace various academic ideas, collect excellent original works exploring the possibilities of photography in the contemporary context, and present the new look of young artists’ creations.

About the Award

Name: New Talent Award 2018


Website: www.newtalentaward.com

Call for Entries: March 21- August 10, 2018


One Photographer of the Year 2018

a. Creation funds of RMB 100,000 (Pre-tax)

b. Attend the Portfolio Review and meet the experts

c. Opportunities for solo exhibitions (both domestic and abroad)

d. Works being published in the New Talent Award 2018 accompanying catalogue

Five finalists of New Talent Award 2018

a. Creation funds of RMB10,000 (Pre-tax)

b. Attend the Portfolio Review and meet the jurors

c. Opportunities for solo exhibitions (domestic)

d. Participate in the exhibition of 2018 New Talent Award

e. Works being published in the New Talent Award 2018 accompanying catalogue

How to Enter

1. Official Website: please login and upload your works on the page “Entry”of our official website (www.newtalentaward.com).

2. E-mail or Mail: Works are welcomed submitted either via e-mail (newtalent@xitek.com) and mail (in material forms of printed photos, photobooks, etc.). Please download and fill in the entry form to send it with your works.

Note: Please post entries in material forms to:

New Talent Award Committee, Xitek, E209 of Shang 8 International AD Park, No.3 Xiadianjia, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022, P.R.China.

Tel: 0086 10 85805422-825

Entry Requirements

1. The 2018 New Talent Award is open to photographers under the age of 35 (born after January 1, 1983) in China and abroad.

2. The New Talent Award seeks to maintain a certain level of tolerance for the concept “media” on the basis of traceable practical and theoretical foundations. There is no limitation on the content or style of the entry. Photos and other related mixed media are qualified for the competition.

3. The entries must be original, produced in the last two years and which have not been shown previously in solo exhibitions.

Note: For long-term series, the latest work should be created before the due date.

4. Please submit at least five entries. For e-mail and mail entries please download and fill in the entry form to send it together with your works.

Selection Process

Call for Entries: March 21-August 10, 2018

The entrants can choose their own submission methods. The Internet submission channel will be closed at 24:00 on August 10, 2018. And entries in material forms should be sent before August 10, 2018.

Primary Selection: August 11-19, 2018

The New Talent Award team will preliminarily screen out submissions that do not meet the entry requirements.

Final Selection: August 21 - August 26, 2018

The final selection will be divided into four stages: “Works Preview”, “Primary Selections”, “Meeting Sessions” and “Final Review”.

1. From August 21 to August 22 will be the “Works Preview” and “Primary Selections” sections. The jury team will select two hundred entries from the primaries and select six finalists.

2. On August 26 there will be the “Meeting Sessions” and “Final Review” sections, the jury communicates with the six short-listed photographers and discusses collectively to decide the final winners. On the evening of August 26, six finalists will participate in the reception together with the judges and guests.

We will notify the finalists on August 22 to arrive in Beijing on August 25 to participate in the final election meeting. Participants are strongly encouraged to be aware of this time frame and make arrangements in advance in the case of being nominated.

Award Ceremony: September 21, 2018

The results will be announced at the award ceremony.

* Note: To make the selection process even fairer, the New Talent Award is set with "Inverse Query Rules". The primary/final selection jury members have the right to ask the New Talent Award team for all or some of the submissions that were screened out during the preselection process and reselect.


Every entrant should make sure he/she owns independent, complete and undisputed copyright on entries and have the right to submit the entries following the rules of the event. Photographers are required to be responsible for any legal disputes arising from the entries for violating the rights (including but not limited to) of portrait, privacy and honor. The entrant shall take the liability of compensation for losses of the sponsor (including Xitek and other partners, similarly hereinafter) caused by the above mentioned disputes.

Notice for the Use of Entries

The sponsor or other medias/websites recognized by the sponsor has the right to use all entries freely for (but not limited to) non-commercial purposes of publicity and exhibition via online websites, Weibo and catalogue.

The sponsor has the right to obtain the original file of entries being nominated for exhibition both online and offline as well as for producing the catalogue. After being informed by the sponsor to submit the original file, the nominees should submit the e-file of digital photos or the scanned negative film to the sponsor within the due schedule. If an entrant fails to submit the original file of nominations, they shall be deemed to automatically abandon his/her entry qualification (including but not limited to abandon the nomination) and will not participate in the following scheduled events.

Entry Fee

Entering the 2018 New Talent Award charges no fee. All entries are nonreturnable. The postage for entries in material forms is not covered.

Note: Xitek owns the sole right to interpret this notice for entering the Award. Submission of entries implies the acceptance of all conditions above mentioned.