The 2018 New Talent Award is open to Chinese photographers under the age of 35 all over the world.

YANG Yuanyuan:Blue Window,Two Roses

Releases The Time: 2018-03-22

《Blue Window,Two Roses》

YANG Yuanyuan

“Green screen photo studio” is a new business mode that appeared in China during the past 10 years. The store simply consists of a green background and a machine with inserted camera. The costumers could choose their preferred backgrounds from more than ten thousands images - from worldwide tourist sites to celebrity portraits, from cartoon characters to 3D effect images of luxury residential areas. Facing their illusionary ideal places on the screen, the costumers happily stand and pose in front of a green screen, and receive a photo showing that they “have been” there.

Among all the background images, those of world famous tourist sites and of European styles are the most popular choices. Whereas in reality, this same type of landscape has also became common scenes all over Mainland China in the past ten years. Both the virtual backgrounds from the “Green screen photo studio” and the real buildings in our real world – these two types of “constructed realities” both reflect an ideal lifestyle of this era that generally yearned for by most people with different backgrounds. They are resplendent yet unreal, shining like gold in giant bubbles.



















YANG Yuanyuan |《Blue Window,Two Roses》 | Finalist Exhibition of 2016 New Talent Award






YANG Yuanyuan was born in 1989, Beijing.Shereceived a BA (Hons) in Photography at the London College of Communications,University of the Arts London in 2013. By experimenting with different ways ofvisual-storytelling, Yang creates a narrative where fact and fiction coexist todiscuss topics such as memory, history, and time. Yang's practice involvesvarious mediums, mainly concentrating in photography, but also including video,performance, and text. Her projects are usually presented in the form of artistbooks and/or photography installations.